Gouge Out Your Eyes

Hello I'm Sam and I slay Dragons, Vampires, Zombies, and Evil Gnomes and i love music and Horror Movies and Video Games and Star Wars and Adventure Time and overall nerdy shit. Snakebites, Labret Piercing, and 1" Plugs. I dress black and my hair's usually dyed
Oh and I'm a werewolf so watch out bitch.
mr-ieatdaass asked: You got some dumb ass piercings fat boy mommy and daddy didn't give you enough attention and you got a small dick your a broke ass


Lol yea that’s totally correct. My piercings are overcompensating for my small dick and the love I never received from my parents. 100% accurate, You cracked the case, Sherlock. Now why don’t you go fuck yourself.

Hey guys l made an Instagram so follow me! @darth_sam_thegrey


More adventures in Skyrim.

1) Outside view of Sutvaka. A fun new mountain fortress home.

2) Markarth.

3) More Markarth.

4) Blackreach. So beautiful.


Don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying some beautiful textures.

And apparently I accidentally gave Miraak freckles and didn’t realize it until now. Which is irritating because I keep trying to give Arya freckles and then her face resets so that (a) she has no freckles and (b) her skin is two tones too dark. Sigh.

Skyrim guard who knows you done some illegal shit (via corinacat)

Wait… I know you!
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